Simon Says"  

My Beloved Kinfolk in Christ,

      Welcome to Lent! Many people seek to deepen their spiritual practices in Lent by ‘giving up’ certain things for the duration of the season. In normal years, it is often a way to remind ourselves of the blessings we have received and to make us more mindful of how invested in that particular thing we have become. As I look at these past months, I am struck by all of the things we have been deprived of sharing, and all of the ways in which many of us have been ‘fasting’ or ‘going without’ in an effort to remain safe and healthy in the midst of this pandemic.

     I would suggest that as we journey through the remainder of Lent, we focus not on what we should deny ourselves in this time, but how we can add to our spiritual disciplines of love in this season. As a church family, we have obligations and responsibilities to one another, like any family. Who have we forgotten about? Who do we miss? Who can use a phone call, a card, a sweet treat, or anything else we may have been missing out on in these times? How can a few minutes out of our days brighten the lives of those we care deeply about, but have been missing from our pre-COVID lives?

     We have run in waves in terms of both our energy and our ability to be optimistic in these most pessimistic of times. That’s natural, and a struggle I have found myself up against often over the past year. Lent reminds us that everything has a purpose. Our usual Lent is a preparation for the coming celebration of Easter, a period where we refocus our attention from our external concerns and home in on our spiritual centers, a time to be expectant for renewal, a time to be refreshed. Let us use this Lent to expand our thoughts outside of our own minds and focus on holding one another up as our strength and resolve may be wavering, and we may still be feeling extra isolated following an extended bitter cold stint.

     There is light at the end of the tunnel, and offering any sort of concrete timeline would be an impossibility in this still evolving time. We will continue to reach out in our ministries, and our volunteerism. For those of you without internet access, see our information about Sermon by Phone.  I am currently learning the editing portion of their software, and am very anxious for feedback on how it can be impactful for people, both now and in the future.


                            Peace and Blessings to you all, Pastor Bryan